Friday, 8 March 2013

Daisies and blackberries.

I've been stitching some french knots to the centres of the daisies and then I'm going to couch on stems to make a daisy chain. The petals in the book show a pinkish edge so I might add a bit of pink to my petals


Been out searching for a pen that will write on fabric without bleeding into it.
I bought a Letraset Promarker pen and a Uni Jetstream and also tried out a Staedtler pen.

I preferred the paler outline on the leaf  - using the uni jetstream, the Staedtler looks ok too.
The Letraset pen bled into the fabric.

The polystyrene print blocks I made for the blackberry leaves worked ok using acrylic paints.
When it was dry I painted the branches and leaf veins with Koh I Noor. Now it needs some thorns, but I might do that with the pen.

I added the blackberries using a cotton bud.

When I was a child we would go over the fields to pick blackberries.
I  still like picking blackberries and making jam.

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Ali Hogg said...

hi, some great ideas in this post, thanks, ali