Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bluebell wood.

I'm on to another page now and it's the woods where I used to go as a child to pick bluebells and primroses. I can almost smell them. I know you shouldn't pick wild flowers but there were thousands of them.
I ironed a piece of painted Bondaweb on to the fabric - it's less scary to paint on to that, than straight on to the fabric, and I like the effect.

This picture is one of the first bits of machine embroidery I did, that's probably over 10 years ago now.
I didn't like it because I didn't know how to get the perspective right for the track behind the gate.
I cut the gate out.

Then I painted with the Koh I Noor dyes again - I'm still struggling with perspective trying to put in a woodland path. I need painting lessons.

         I'm using a tiny seed stitch for the bluebells as Frances P. uses 'seeding' a lot in her fabric books.
                                  Keep persevering, it will all work out in the end. Yeah, right!

On to the next page.
I bought this bag of foam shapes in the £1 shop and turned them into printing blocks. They weren't very thick so I glued 3 pieces together with PVA glue and it worked alright.
A bit of effort and 13 stamps for £1. Not bad.

Making a daisy chain now.

I'm going to carry the blue butterfly through the whole book.

                                                                'I Wish I was A Butterfly.'

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Ali Hogg said...

hi, looking good, most interesting to see how the project is evolving