Monday, 4 March 2013

A bit of recycling.

I'm recycling this piece of 'art' that I made for part of my C & G course ages ago. What was I thinking? It represents a window in the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakesh and the felt background is the famous 'Majorelle blue.'
Frances P. is in favour of recycling and I can see a use for this!

I've taken it apart as I thought I could recycle some of those machine embroidered 'windows' and turn them into butterflies and dragonflies. Those smaller green leaves look a bit insect like too.

I can see wings in the windows.


Blackberry picking.
I recycled a polystyrene box the Christmas dates came in and made some leaves and berries to print with.


Here's some more recycling. This is a cake stand my son and girlfriend had on their table yesterday - it's made from mismatched china and glass.
It was made and given as a 'New Home' present from one of their friends. Very pretty.

Cakes were good too!

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Ali Hogg said...

hi, i like the idea of revamping old projects....nice cake stand! ali