Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bluebells & violets.

I wanted to use my pressed bluebell along with the primroses I'd sewn but somehow it didn't look right.
It's not a great sample and the colour's not good. I think my pressed flowers might all look better put together so I'm thinking about how to do that.

Meanwhile I had a look through my old Stitch magazines and found this shadow-work project by Grace Lister from a 2009 issue.
 I had to do a shadow-work sample once and never again! It was snowdrops and I wish I hadn't given it away now - I could have used it here.

I thought if I transferred the design it might work along with the primroses and I could just outline it with back stitch.

When I make up the book I'm going to put my Bluebell wood page adjacent to the primrose page.
I taped the bluebell design on the window, placed the fabric over and transferred the design outline.

I used watercolour pencils, I might paint water over this later depending on how it looks after I've stitched it.

So now I've stitched it and coloured in the leaves and bells, I don't think I'll paint it as I like how it looks.

I'm still reluctant to draw but I'm going to have a go at some violets down in the right hand corner. Drawing is about confidence Frances P. says.  I'm going to start with the watercolour pencils.


Ali Hogg said...

love your bluebells have some great ideas, have a great Easter, Ali

Gina said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Always good to "meet" someone new. I'm loving the birds on your last post. Some beautiful work!

snoopysgranny said...

Ali, I have too many ideas running round my head at the moment!

Gina, Thankyou,I'm really enjoying stitching the birds.