Monday, 18 March 2013

Chugging along.

The steam train was in Lisburn yesterday and it made me think that I'm chugging along just like the train. Although I keep working at it - making this fabric book is taking time.


I'd half forgotten that I'd bought these Acrylic inks to use for my fabric book. I've been trying them out on some papers.

Nice colours.
I've got some paper laid down, brown on one side and green on the other. It has a waxy feel to it on the green side.
Then I put green tissue paper on top - the type that bleeds it's colour when wet. Tissue paper is one of my favourite things!
This leaf  shape is machine embroidered on muslin. It's a sample from very early C&G days and I don't like it much but it might do for my book. I soaked everything with a mix of the inks.

This was a page out of the Radio Times. It was a leafy scene with a little inset of a Monet painting.

When my pages were dry I gave both sides a coat with the 'acrylic wax' floor polish.

Then I took them in to my craft group as one of our ladies was doing a demo with her "Big Shot' last Thursday. I was able to use my papers to cut a few leaves and emboss a tree. I also took a piece of failed silk batik -  the Big Shot didn't cut through but made an impression.
The green butterflies were embossed using the Big Shot. It's a piece of tissue paper glued on to wallpaper. It was used for lily pads a while ago.
I cut out the leaf from the muslin. It's a bit 'flat' so I might manipulate it with a bit of stitch.
The embossed tree -  I'll probably cut out the shape and stitch it to the fabric somehow.

 My two grandchildren stayed over Saturday night so we were kept busy with them.

So I'm just chugging along, wondering when I'm going to get to the end of the line with this project, and hoping all the bits I'm working on will fall into place.

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Ali Hogg said...

i really like your embossed tree....I know youll get there in the end you are progressing well, ali