Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A wise old owl at the exhibition.

                                                   'A wise old owl lived in an oak
                                                   The more he saw the less he spoke,

Sharon's horned owl

The less he spoke the more he heard,

                                                               Why can't we all be
                                                               Like that wise old bird?'

Exhibition room 

    Isn't it sad?  Everyone's gone home.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Everything's coming up roses.

A while ago I made some beads with rose petals and then I decorated this tin to put them in.

I love India Flint's blog and how the rose petals were used... jealous!

not all those who wander are lost: roses roses all the way: roses, roses all the way but unlike the Browning poem no "myrtle mixed in my path like mad" merely the nice chap at Central Market Flo...

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Last weekend we had babyminding duties.

Donegal is one of my favourite places to go, where two sheep makes a herd!

Gorse was out everywhere.

Work was going on so we didn't go too far from the house. Someone was happy just walking the plank!

Up the road to see the geese.

Violets in the hedgerow.

The view from Ballyargus.

Youngest grandson up to mischief.....

while big brother's up the road with Grandad.

Monday, 14 May 2012


Of all the blogs I read the one I return to constantly is 'My Marrakesh' written by Maryam Montague.
I got interested in this blog when I chose Morocco to research for my embroidery course in 2007.  Towards the end of the course I was required to make a 3D item and, at that time, inspired by all the lovely things Maryam was collecting for her Morrocan home, Peacock Pavilions, I decided I would make her a little book.
In my imagination I dreamed of visiting Marrakesh one day and delivering my gift in person.

my son takes the credit for this photo of a beautiful peacock

I've been following Maryam's progress as she's been writing her  first book,  'Marrakesh By Design'. It's just been published, but oh how I wish she'd written it a bit sooner ! It would have helped me a lot.

This was my design folder for the book and my small attempt at Moroccan design.

my design folder

the inspiration

Peacock Pavilions, a boutique hotel

designing the book cover

zellig tile work using metallic painted wallpaper

Moroccan lanterns

tassel made from peacock feathers

The pages of my book had little pockets for the embroidered inserts (below). All of these inserts incorporated a little bit of embroidery and my ideas on Moroccan design.

embroidered inserts for my book, inspired by Moroccan design
the finished book

Marrakesh By Design isn't out in the UK yet but it's coming soon and I can't wait!!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wheaten Bread.

 Been blogging about stitchy things for a while now so today it's back to a bit of cooking.

I make this wheaten bread about every two weeks now. It's so quick and easy and never fails. It's so much nicer than the bought stuff too! Here's Myrtle's recipe.

    The finished loaf just out of the oven.

Ready to take to Donegal tomorrow.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Grayson Perry discusses craft and art

Is it Art or is it Craft? When a painting turned up for our exhibition it got us wondering. We weren't sure.

I turned to Google to see if anyone could throw light on the subject. Grayson Perry really doesn't seem to know either but I stuck with it and found him amusing.


 We at the Harmony Hill 'Craft' Group just think ANYTHING GOES!!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

There's light at the end of the tunnel. 'A Pocketful of Dreams'.

It's exhibition time for our craft group and yesterday we were setting it up ready for opening next Tuesday.
It's not easy  ----  and this one seemed particularly awkward to me.

                                                                   Island Arts Centre.

                                                My cat on a bicycle is waiting it's turn.


                                     Displaying the postcards......this year's group activity.

                                       .... and the little golfing man Elizabeth made here

for her beautiful doll .....can you spot him?

                    Not knowing the meaning of the name, Imena, I came home and looked it up.

                                                    Of course.  She's got a pocketful of dreams.

                                   Exhibition is up.   Now I can see light at the end of the tunnel.