Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Anne Marie's Doughnut Muffins.

I loved watching 'The Great British Bake Off' and it seems to have inspired a bit of a home baking revival. Yesterday I made shortcrust pastry, I haven't made my own pastry for years. None of this is good when you're a WeightWatcher member.

Didn't stop me from trying out this recipe for these Doughnut Muffins, did it? My motivation to lose weight is low and I'm going to have to catch myself on. Well, I decided I'd make 6 instead of 12!

I only ate one....Promise!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Kirstie's Vintage Home... and a load of old tat.

fabric covered milk bottle tops

Kirstie's back on the tele tonight in 'Kirstie's Vintage Home' and I'll be watching.  This article in the Radio Times made me smile.

 'I love Kirstie but I only make tat.'
Sarah Millican - View from the Sofa | Radio Times

Well even us more experienced stitchers are guilty of that, and guess what?.... I'm busy doing 'Mary's Homemade Christmas' right now and everyone is getting tat!

Well, it's the thought that counts!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Damsons in a pickle.

A few weeks ago some of my damsons were in a jam.  Now it's time to get them in a pickle.
On your marks... get set.... GO.
Ingredients: damsons, sugar, white wine vinegar, spices, blackcurrant leaves.

frozen damsons

blackcurrant leaf
parcel of ginger, lemon rind, cinnamon stick, cloves,

remove spice parcel,  gently put damsons in jar
add damson syrup and seal.

Ready to eat in 4 weeks... that's too long to wait.

Recipe from:    The National Trust,  Jams, Preserves & Edible Gifts.