Thursday, 11 April 2013

Wildlife pond.

One time, when I was little, my Dad took me for a walk to a pond near our village. I remember how scared I was of all the dragonflies hovering around and, despite their beauty, I still don't like them much!
How do you paint a pond? I googled it.  I looked at a drawing of pond algae. It's confidence I'm lacking because, on fabric, once it's done you can't rub it out.
I used a bit of bleach and Lumiere paint, it's a metallic acrylic.

Well I can't rub it out, but I could cover it up!
I pulled out another of my old samples. I thought it might make a pond. It's layers of organza and chiffon stitched together.
I've distorted it with the heat gun and melted holes with a heat tool.

I cut it out and melted quite a bit of it away hoping the painting I'd done on the fabric would show through.

These are my bits of machine embroidery that I'm re-cycling from windows into dragonflies.

I painted them with some Lumiere. I can see wing shapes.

So I've been using some more of my re-cycled bits for greenery around the pond...

...and some other scraps for the dragonfly wings.

I'm making the dragonflies with wire and beads.

I'm using some paper beads here but I don't like their stiffness. I've tried cutting through the bead - as I wanted my dragonflies segmented!

I'm working on them. Scary things.

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