Friday, 26 April 2013

Pressed flowers.

I've always liked pressing flowers. I would love to put some into the book but somehow they don't work on the fabric, they're much too delicate and need a firm backing.
This buttercup looked like it might be the best bet. I used PVA glue and stuck it to a piece of wallpaper.

It has an old- fashioned look about it. I thought I could stick it in with the frame but it covered up the butterfly. I cut it out and back stitched it to the fabric.
I never think they look that nice, once you start trying to make pictures out of them. 

I've got a pressed flower book and I don't like anything in it!
That's an old postcard of the village where I used to live. It's machine stitched on and the buttercup seemed to fit with it.

 This is a page from one of Frances Pickering's books below . Lovely butterflies, she's very good at drawing.

I'm adding in some detail to all my printed butterflies with a Staedtler permanent pen.
 And after watching Ann on 'The Great British Sewing Bee' I'm mindful of good preparation. I tacked all my pages together before machining!

 They are machined and ready for the cover and my butterflies are done.


Ali Hogg said...

when is the it after the felting one, ali

Ali Hogg said...

yes, hoping to come along....looking forward to seeing your book, ali