Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A problem page.

A problem bird.

I'm getting closer to finishing the pages of my book, believe it or not!  Still a bit to go.
I've had 1/2 bird hanging around a while and somehow I couldn't get him fitted in anywhere.
The day the 'Big Shot' came to my craft group I cut out some leaves from my painted papers and also tried cutting leaves from a piece of silk batik I did at college a while ago. Cutting the silk wasn't that successful but the machine made a mark -  enough to cut out leaf shapes.

I cut some leaf shapes from these papers.

Some of my first  machine embroidery. I gave this leaf a makeover.

So I got myself started by stitching on the silk leaves and then things started to fall into place.
I made a little hedgehog. 

In Frances Pickering's  books the pages are filled with text, stitching and drawings.
I've never been sure if I have enough on my pages but I don't like it too cluttered either.
I would have preferred that bird on an inside edge, just because of his weight when you are turning the page!  
I made the hedgehog from an old piece of needle felting and chain stitched his spines on.
He's hiding under the leaf. 
Now I'm putting in the detail on all the butterflies, and filling in the writing, before I stitch the pages together.

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