Thursday, 4 April 2013

Paper leaves and a foxglove.

I've ironed a sheet of Bondaweb to the back of my disaster of a tree to hold in all the snipped stitches.
Look at that...if you wanted a nice wintry, frosty effect Bondaweb is the way to go.
Anyway, the tree is saved as it really was a puckered up mess.

I used a sketching pencil to draw the shape of the foxglove. I copied it from a wild flower book and I'm getting a bit braver since drawing the violets.

This is the 'Radio Times' page I painted and then cut out the leaves for the tree with the 'Big Shot' die-cutter.

I'm back stitching the leaves on to the tree.

I didn't want to paint or stitch the foxglove so I've used a tiny bit of bleach to paint the edges of the flowers - it bleaches the colour out and works really well on linen. Then it gave me the idea to bleach out some little mushroom shapes under the tree.

I coloured in the foxglove with Sharpie pens and I've attached the little mushrooms I stitched the other day.

Wondering how long it takes Frances to make her books?  I'm really enjoying making this but I'm getting tired!

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