Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cow Parsley done!

I was stitching some cow parsley a while ago here.
I'm realising as I progress with this fabric book project that I don't finish anything straightaway. I've had to have about four things on the go at once as I'm trying to make things fit together on the pages.
This is a piece of silk paper I made a while ago and the 'seed heads' are made from Tyvek.
I'm going to re-cycle it.

I laid the cow parsley on the silk paper to see how it looked - my friend Pamela said, "Three's good."
It stuck in my head because I knew she was right! I  pushed myself to stitch another one.
Then I machine embroidered some cow parsley shapes on to the silk paper.

And that was how I left it, and moved on to something else, until yesterday when I got out my pencils and decided to finish it off. I practised drawing on paper first then on to the fabric and went over the shapes with a fine wet brush.

I bought the butterfly bead at Easter in 'Sugarisland Beads' on Main Street in Newcastle.

Finished.  Three is good but would five be better?!
 I think maybe this would have looked better without the silk paper - I've a feeling there's way too much going on here!  Too late now.

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