Friday, 27 November 2015

Is art for everyone?

I particularly liked Richard Branson's blog post this week,  Art is for everyone.
He has such a positive attitude and inspires you to 'just go for it'.
He drew a simple little self portrait and, with just a few lines, had captured his likeness so well.

Last week I was drawing the bust of an African woman in class - and yesterday I continued on with it. We have two hours and it takes me half an hour to settle in to it. My head is scatty and maybe if I could concentrate more on what my tutor is saying it would help!

I really think some people are born with a real talent for art, they're gifted.
Others, like me, just like to 'go for it' even though we may never be like Picasso.

My drawing is overworked, I would say, but I am just a beginner.  Some of this is also done at home, from a photo, and that's not ideal.
To me, the shading is all looking dark and much the same all over. I didn't mind the look of the headdress so much. Anyway, here she is.

last week

this week

 Back to the drawing board, methinks!

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