Thursday, 14 January 2016

Where does the time go?

The passage of time. I remarked upon this just this week when we had to say our goodbyes to the family dog, Snoopy. He wasn't my dog, he belonged to my son and daughter in law, but I looked after him quite a bit over his 14 years.
He happily attached himself to anyone that would take him for a walk and all the family loved him. One of his favourite walks with me was over the fields. He knew the way there and he knew the way back even better and when it was time to come home he would lay down and refuse to move!

We'd all noticed a change in Snoopy lately, he was becoming an old man and, after a visit to the vet last week, was diagnosed with bladder cancer. They advised it was time to let him go.
Time has to move on.
RIP Snoopy

Time can be a healer too and just before Christmas I was back over to England to visit my mum. 
Between Christmas 2014 and Christmas 2015 my mum was lucky enough to be given two new knees! So with time, and healing, I saw a good improvement in her overall health. Not bad for 90!

I'm hoping time will improve my drawing too. 
This was what I had to draw for our last and final class.

I don't seem to get much done in class and I find it difficult to concentrate. I end up taking a quick photo and then working from it at home. There's a whole lot wrong with this drawing and I need help!
So now I'm going to have to enrol for more classes and see if I can improve on my drawing skills.
Time will tell!

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crazydazy said...

Thats sad about Snoopy but good news about your mum. I think your drawing is coming on well. Do you have time for any sewing these days?