Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Basket of cyclamen.

The dreaded basket that went walkabout the week before last was back at my drawing class last Thursday.
It had taken on a new appearance.
Sadly, some flowers had died and some were droopy.

This was my un-finished drawing.

We asked our tutor to demonstrate how she would go about drawing the basket and, starting with an oval shape and very light pencil marks she mapped out her drawing. It was quite mesmerising, watching and listening to someone as skilled as her putting in the different shapes, shading, making marks and chatting about life in general as the drawing gradually formed. 
More than an hour had gone by before we knew it, but it was a worthwhile hour and I learnt a lot and also have a lot to learn. When I look at my drawing I can see some of the things that are wrong with it, but I don't have enough (or any) experience to know all that is wrong with it or how to correct it.
 I wish I did, it's frustrating!
Anyway, after watching the tutor, I attacked the basket again. We're all a bit scared of it. 

As we ran out of time at class I worked on my drawing at home and tried to remember all the things I had been taught. I found the leaves difficult, working from my photo wasn't ideal, but I persevered and here's the finished result below.  Another challenge awaits tomorrow.
Here's someone's drawing and work I admire. I'd like to get some drawing in to my stitching and that's one of the reasons I signed up for this class.

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