Monday, 9 November 2015

Not so Simple Sketching.

 I bought this old book for £1.50, published 1958.

Sketching may have been simple to L.A. Doust, but it's a challenge to me! 

This was the subject, the week before last, at my drawing class. A basket of cyclamen. 
 l looked at it and thought to myself, how am I ever going to draw that, where do I begin?
 But somehow, once I started I produced something that resembled a basket. 
There's something not right about it and I haven't figured out what it is yet. 
I'd hoped to continue last Thursday but the basket went walkabout.

Instead, my tutor brought in this Aloe in a pot to scare me off drawing even more.
I feel happier with a pencil in my hand, but we are encouraged to use charcoal and I wanted to try it.
 I was given a buff coloured page to draw on.
 But where to begin, I didn't have a clue and I did have a bit of a panic. 
 Anyway, I got started and this was my view of the Aloe plant.

My drawing below after two hours of concentration.
I used charcoal and some shading pastels. 
My tutor talks about dark tones, mid-tones, light tones, but it's all Double Dutch to me.

I was putting in the detail long before I'd done the basics.
I took a photo of the plant so I could finish my drawing at home.
Once I looked at it more closely I began to understand. I could see the dark and light, the reflections in the pot -  but that didn't help me in knowing how to put them in to my drawing.
I wore away my rubber and this is how my drawing looks now.

I needed a new rubber after all that rubbing out and decided we would go in to Belfast at the weekend and have a look in the art shop, Bradbury Graphics, now called 'Bradbury Art' . It was nothing like the shop I remember.
 Then we went to North Street as I'd seen on the internet that there's an art shop there called Ink Monkey. The shutters were down, 2pm closing on a Saturday.
 I was pleased to see the second hand bookshop was still there, but it wasn't as I remembered it either.
I used to pick up some good craft books there.  The first book I bought when I was getting interested in creative embroidery was from there, 'Creative Wall - Hangings & Panels by Audrey Babington.
Now on the shelves it's mostly cross stitch books. I love these bird sketches in my new book.

On the way back to the car we passed St Anne's Cathedral bathed in gold.
Now wouldn't I like the skill to draw that!


crazydazy said...

Just catching up with blog reading now......great book and Im impressed with your artwork....looking forward to seeing more.

snoopysgranny said...

Yes, I'm really enjoying the change. I haven't done any drawing apart from those old C&G design books!
We have both been quiet on the blogs lately, I liked your Christmas decs.