Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Bourjois and an Evening In Paris.

Funny how one thing leads to another.
A little while ago I wrote a post about Stratton compacts and I was reminiscing about how my mother always used Bourjois rouge.
Because I've just started a drawing course I went searching for charcoal. I thought I might have some in this box below.
I didn't find charcoal, but I found a pot of Bourjois rouge.

I'd forgotten, that in my box of art stuff, there was some old make-up and a little box of Bourjois rouge that used to belong to my mother-in-law.  I'm not one for wearing make-up every day.  In fact, I think that some of the make-up attempts I'm seeing on girls nowadays is plain weird!
But what I do like is the make-up packaging, and the names.
There's Cover Girl and Miners and Outdoor Girl.
Turquoise, Sky, Lavender Mist, Pastoral.

Yardley lipstick, Gay Crimson. Not PC these days, I'm guessing.

   Bourjois 'Evening in Paris'.  I love the thought of that.  So romantic!

   Unfortunately the box has been dropped and the casing is broken.

I like the little Bourjois puff and the powder underneath.

What a lovely name, Rosette Brune.

I got so carried away looking at my old make-up collection, I completely forgot about the charcoal!

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