Monday, 5 October 2015

Thinking hat.

Someone else can do the thinking now. 

 The 30th birthday was looming and time was running out with my hat making project.  
The button looked bare on the top of the hat. 
I made a sort of rosette with the braid and tucked it around the button. Then I unravelled and knotted the ends of the braid. It looked ok but I could have finished it better and I would have preferred a proper tassel. 
It's the first hat I've made so it was all trial and error. My husband is SO jealous of this hat I've been commissioned to make him one now. I gave my son the hat along with the little 'Studs' box I found in an antiques shop when I was over in England recently. I hope he liked his presents.

Then my daughter-in-law outdid my creative efforts with this Showstopper 'Tour de France'  Birthday cake worthy of the GBBO!

Now I've finished with thinking and moved on to something else ending in 'ing'.
I've signed up for a course.

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