Friday, 2 October 2015

More thinking.

 So, in my previous post I'd cut out the tweed band and crown for the thinking cap.

Should be plain sailing now! I took these photos at night and the colour isn't right.
I stitched a 1/4' side seam on the tweed band and fitted the crown to the band.

It looked ok after a press and I was pleased that the lining seemed to fit well. Not sure about the finished width of the band yet and I'm playing around with it to see what looks right.

I took this photo below in daylight and it shows the true colour much better.
The braid is vintage, I'm just using up whatever I have in my fabric stash. I put my son's initials in.


This button is really old and it's going on the top. And I'm starting to think about making a tassel with the braid.

There's still a bit more thinking to do!


Mrs G makes stuff said...

I think a velvet jacket along the lines of smoking jackets from the Victorian era would be a perfect accompaniment to this fab thinking hat.

snoopysgranny said...

Ha! I've contemplated making that smoking jacket but thought it was easier to start off with a hat!