Thursday, 1 October 2015


I had to put on my thinking cap this week .... just to make a thinking cap.
My son has a birthday coming up and he's just the sort to wear one, I thought.
I texted his wife and asked her to measure his head. A reply came back straightaway, she was curious!
59. 5 cm. I trawled the internet looking for ideas.
I didn't have a pattern so had to make it up out of my head. There was going to be a lot of guesswork!
It's a straightforward shape, but I'm not too confident when it comes to pattern making.  I cut a piece of card for the band, adding an extra 1cm, I thought I'd need to allow for his hair. Then I stuck it together to make the circle.

I had some pure silk samples, given to me from a soft furnishings shop. I cut the band for the lining on the bias, I don't know why but I thought if it turned out to be too tight it would give a bit of stretch. I also thought it would be better to make the lining first and get that measurement right.

I used some natural cotton wadding and quilted the lining.  Then I fitted it it round my card circle and pinned it before stitching the seam.

My next task was to make the pattern for the crown. I just used my card circle as a template, placing it on to another piece of card and drawing round.  Then I used the compass to make sure it was an accurate circle. Complicated, this hat making business!

I quilted the crown and hoped it would all fit together, then I stitched a 1/4" seam.

 Yay! It worked. Lining done.

Now, for the outside of the hat, I'm cutting a piece of tweed. 
I made the  pattern for the crown 1/4" larger to allow for the lining.

I'm worn out thinking!

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