Monday, 17 February 2014

Signs of Spring.

The weather wasn't that good last Saturday in Belfast, despite that nice looking sky.
Taking advantage of our travel passes we caught the train from Lisburn.

The photo above was taken looking out from the House of Fraser. 
There's the Waterfront Hall, the Hilton and the BT building where my oldest son works.
We went up to the top floor of the House of Fraser to the Ivory.

My husband had a Singapore Sling.  For Spring!  We forgot about the wet weather.

Then on Sunday the sun was shining and it felt like Spring. We headed for the Botanic Gardens.

I always love looking in the Tropical Ravine and I like looking out through the windows at the patterns the plants make.

Nice patterns on the leaves too.

Belfast Botanic Gardens planter.

And it's Spring in the Palm House - WOW!  Look at the colours.  I never get fed up of this place.

I've got my camera on the 'Toy Camera' setting and it's giving some strange effects.

Outside again and the catkins are out....

.......and so are the snowdrops.

Signs of Spring. What do you think?

Must be.

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crazydazy said...

lovely photos of Botanic Gardens....maybe inspiration for your next project!