Sunday, 9 February 2014

On and on and on and on ...with the owl!

How long ago did I start this?!  Last June I think.
Welcome back Mr Owl. The last time I had to leave him waiting here.
Well I've just been away again, and now I'm back - determined to get on and finish him.
I was vaguely following the colours of this Little Owl although I'm making my owl with ears.

I drew a wee sketch of the eye and beak placement to help me .... and although it looks like I haven't got very far with my project there has been a lot of stitching going on around those eyes!

 I'm adding some white chenille thread around the beak area before I tackle the actual beak. I haven't made up my mind how I'll make that yet. I'm thinking of wrapping some wire, and the same for the talons.

One of my friend's from  my craft group brought me in some feathers, they're trapped in a plastic bag because they fly everywhere and make me sneeze. They're a good colour match for the owl though.

I stitched one on at the top of his head!  Still think I'll add an extra piece of fabric in there to incorporate the ears.   Oh, I hate working my way through these self designed projects.


crazydazy said...

Keep going.....your owl is looking great.

snoopysgranny said...

Thanks for your comments, Ali.
Hopefully I will keep going now!