Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Another day, another beak.

                                                 Well that last beak was pretty messy.
                                       I sent a text to the owl expert hoping for some advice!

Well I'd already tried shaping a beak out of wire and I wasn't happy with the shape, so I had another go with a rawl plug. I liked the idea of wrapping with threads to give me a nice smooth surface.   I stuck a piece of double-sided tape on to hold the threads in place.

 I wrapped the threads round the grooves first and tried to make it a bit neater this time.

I cut a shape from a piece of silky fabric and glued it around the threads to cover.

                                         Then I painted on some highlights with acrylic paint.
                                                 The owl's beak is quite long and sharp.

I  snipped a hole in the fabric and slipped the back of the rawl plug through and glued it in place.

                                               I 've used my heat tool to burn in the nostrils.
                  Well, trying to get this beak to look right tried my patience, but at least I had a go!
                                                                 That's what I think.

 On to the claws.

  Only now,  just when I thought I was getting somewhere, I have to abandon Mr Owl once again to go and help sort out my mother!


crazydazy said...

The owl's beak is looking good.
Hope your mother is ok.

snoopysgranny said...

My mum ok, thank you for asking. I am back home again and we have now moved her in to a Care Home where she will be much better off, she's settling in well!