Thursday, 20 February 2014


I made a start on the beak for my owl.  I've been putting it off.  Not knowing how to go about it.
First of all I took a look at the back of the owl. Up to now I've been concentrating on the front.
Eventually there will be wings and they will cover most of the back but I thought his back needed to look a little bit fluffy and feathery.  So I've been stitching on some shorter strands of fluffy mohair wool, overlapping them at the centre spine.

Then I went on a search round the house for things that might make a beak. Wire, pipe cleaners, modelling bandage, florists tape....

.......rawl plugs, I even looked at the tips on a pine cone. 
I tried making a beak shape with the covered wire.  Not happy with that.

Then I snipped a rawl plug. Better. 
My idea was to insert the back part of the rawl plug through the fabric where the beak sits, and glue it in place.

                                                                      I painted it black.

Then I wrapped the rawl plug with glue and threads.

So I left this to dry, but apart from the little tip of the beak I'm still not happy with the shape of this. 
As I've been working on it I feel like a fabric beak would suit my bird the best.
It's all trial and error.
Time to consult the expert on owls!

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