Monday, 21 March 2011

Moroccan fountains...

...or flying saucers? That's what my husband says the fountains are like on my hanging!
I bought a Moroccan cook book and there was a lovely picture of a rose filled fountain in it.

But to get an idea of how this began you would need to go back to my oldest posts here, here and here, that is when the design for this 'metre piece' was forming in my mind.

I'm planning on adding some beads to the fountains to represent the water (for 'The Elements').
All looks a bit wrinkly in this photo. Not liking that!

Free machining 'pulled work' on muslin.

I used pieces of china I had found in the local fields for the centre of the fountain. They were to represent the Moroccan zellig tiles. I think I might add some beads to the centre of this too - to represent the water.

There is the loveliest post ever from my favourite blogger at My Marrakesh.
Now I'm about to finish off the hanging I made, based on a Moroccan riad and the rose petal fountains, all inspired by Mariam's award winning blog and also this blog... designamour.

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nigelgreen52 said...

Amazing pottery finds, wonder how they got there. I don't think the fountains look muck like flying saucers but I can see what he means