Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Decadent Dolls Workshop.

I went to a workshop last Saturday taken by Sue Cathcart . Sue makes quirky dolls, impeccably painted and dressed, with lots of personality.

Below are some examples of the painted heads from Sue's collection, two at the bottom show the body waiting to be stuffed.

Below are the papier mache heads. We covered these with a fine layer of modelling clay and added the facial features. I was disappointed not to make the heads from scratch but obviously it would take too long to dry so Sue had already made these for us.
We made a plaster mould for the arms, and whatever else you wanted, so I could have made a mould for 'future' heads, if I had thought. Alternatively, you could shape them by hand with paper pulp.

The three heads at the bottom are my bird family!

We painted with acrylics and I found it really hard doing the eyes and mouth. I will try and improve on these at home.

The day flew in. Sue was lovely - and comical too - so we had a great day and get to do it all again next Saturday. The fun of dressing the dolls this time!


Richard said...

Lovely doll work!

I have a new project idea for you. It involves accessorising a spiffing gentleman's moleskin coat with some delightfully decorative buttons. What do you think?

Mary Conn said...

No sooner said than done! Not very creative though.

nigelgreen52 said...

The expressions on the dolls' faces are very interesting!!