Saturday, 12 March 2011

another dimension

I've been to see the F. E. McWilliam Gallery & Studio today and my favourite exhibit just happened to be the Chicken Train, seen on the flyer. I think this was made from card but couldn't be sure.

I was impressed with this diverse exhibition from the Seacourt Print Workshop.

I went outside to the studio, a near replica of McWilliam's studio-workshop, where a group of ladies were busy at a Printmaking:Drypoint Workshop. I watched as they etched designs onto perspex before inking and printing onto paper. Looked like fun!


nigelgreen52 said...

What is that in the top picture, looks like blocks of watercolour paint?

Mary Conn said...

That's a replica of the artist's workshop pretty much as it was left. I took the picture through the glass. I think they are mosaic tiles.