Friday, 23 October 2009

Free machining mosaic

Been trying to do some machine stitching when I get a minute, but baby grandaughter wakes up as soon as I turn on the sewing machine! The mosaic pattern represents the Zellig tilework of Morocco. This will be the tiling in the fountain and, as my stitching distorts the muslin, I hope they(the tiles) will appear as you would see them as you look into the water. That's the theory anyway. Slow progress and my tutor is telling me to GET ON WITH IT!
I am usually thinking ahead though and I've been working on a rose stencil and a fountain stencil - both taken from wallpaper. Now need to get on with my design book and draw out a proper working design.I do get too involved in design as it's the part I like. Can somebody else make the piece ---- please!
Halloween break already too -- I'm sure the terms are getting shorter.

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