Thursday, 10 March 2011

Raising the surface.

I began with quite a flat piece and gradually I've been trying to raise the surface. Now it's almost finished and I'm thinking of how to back it and how to hang it?


nigelgreen52 said...

I am taking a punt on water for this one, the buttons on the top picture suggest either rain or a river, those in the middle picture suggest to me bubbles or pebbles.
I take it the object in the bottom picture that looks like a fishing line is part of the creative process and won't be in the finished article. Maybe it should be? But then again don't listen to me I got a grade 9 remember!

Mary Conn said...

What are you on about!? This is the same 'earth' piece that you commented on before.
I haven't unveiled 'water' to you yet....
I do appreciate your comments though.

nigelgreen52 said...

Whoops blotted my copybook. That's why I got a 9!! It has moved on from the last picture obviously.
by the way the word verification to post this comment was nonfly. Sums up my job at Woodford don't you think?