Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mine's a Babycham!

I like a trawl round the charity shops, mostly to look at the bric-a-brac, and I'm always on the hunt for old sewing books. I like a car boot sale too.
Over at heyhomewrecker I loved seeing the little Babycham glass, bought at a car boot sale. Can you still buy Babycham? I used to love it! There's a wee jingle going through my head.
I wish I had the courage to decorate and put stuff together in a 'retro' way.
Wait a minute, I was in the 60's & 70's, I've got some of that stuff lurking in my cupboards, I don't need to go looking for it! My house is already full of teak.

These are the two wine glasses I bought recently, £3.99  for the pair. They've got a very fine stem, I'm sure I'll break them!

Nowadays I think the charity shops are too manicured, all clean and tidy - they've become less fun.
It's that Mary Portas, I blame her!

There's a charity shop I go to in Saintfield - I like it the best because it's more like how they used to be, choc-a-bloc with stuff and you have to poke about a bit. I bought the two Edith Holden books there and they gave me lots of inspiration for the fabric book I made last spring.
I bought the two crochet doilies with the intention of dyeing them and cutting them up to add to my fabric book. Then I thought about the person who made them and how much work must have gone in to making them, I think that's Irish crochet, so I kept them as they were.

I just bought the three stamps in Ballymena last Saturday, 99p.
I'm not so keen on stamping but my little 4yr old grand-daughter loves to have a go.

I remembered the Babycham ad.
Babycham? I'd love a Babycham.
The Genuine champagne perry.

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Linda said...

The glasses are gorgeous! I've never been to the charity shops in Saintfield, I must go sometime, the ones where you need to have a good hoke are my favs too!