Tuesday, 8 October 2013

On and on and on with the owl.

I've been looking at some lovely photos of the long-eared owl to give me some inspiration and I discovered they don't all look the same!

                                                       I liked the look of the eyes on this one.

I started making this owl back in June  here and here - then it got stuffed in a bag over the summer and I got lazy!
Just lately I started working on him again,  putting in some running stitches where his eyes will go. I've been pulling out threads from this curtain material. It has a sheen to it and I'm using the natural colour trying to get a 'feathery' look. There's a golden thread there too that I thought would be good for his eyes.

So when I was stitching the eye I was thinking, 'That would make a lovely embroidered dandelion!  

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crazydazy said...

your owl is progressing well....how inspirational to use the threads from a fabric, ali