Saturday, 28 September 2013

Doagh Island, Donegal.

                     This is Doagh Island on Inishowen. The sky was grey last Sunday morning.

We were here earlier this year and it was springtime.

The water is clear and flowing fast. I'm looking over to the Five Finger Strand.

"Flying, Daddy, we're flying!"

  My daredevil son drove on the beach all the way round to Ballyliffin.
I wouldn't recommend it......

A group of swimmers were in the water.


   On the way home we stopped at a stone circle. It wasn't old, my son said it was made for a film set.
        The weather was getting better. I love the Donegal landscape and its ever-changing light.

  I came home with quite a pile of shells - already thinking of our 2014 craft group exhibition,
 'The World Is Your Oyster.'

  What could I do with these, I wonder?


Linda said...

It looks absolutely stunning up there!

crazydazy said...

The landscape is beautiful up there - how lucky to be able to spend so much time there...Are you sewing anything at the moment? Ali

snoopysgranny said...

Yes it is stunning, I am very lucky to get to see Donegal and all it's seasons, the fuschia hedges are in flower at the sides of the roads at the moment. Gorgeous.

Ali, I have just started stitching the owl again so I'll blog about it soon.