Friday, 4 October 2013


The Radio Times is 90 years old. Its been around for as long as I remember, it's been part of my growing up. My mum always bought the Radio Times and since I left home, got married, had children, I carried on the tradition.
My family laugh at me.  My husband says, "Why do you bother wasting your money on that? Use the TV Guide on the remote."  It infuriates him that I still buy it!
Well it's been my coffee table reading for as long as I remember and I'm not giving it up now.

Shame about the cover.
I love watching Strictly but I think it could have been a nicer cover for the Anniversary issue.

This June I had my 60th birthday, there's a picture of the Coronation issue below.

Yesterday it was my youngest son's birthday. He's a child of the 80's.
When he was little he did read children's books -  but he liked the Radio Times better!
From quite a young age he loved looking up the days and the times of his favourite programmes.

                                                   We had a Birthday Cake to celebrate!                                                    

                                      I wonder will the Radio Times make it to its 100th birthday?

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