Monday, 23 September 2013

Derry/ Londonderry and the Artists' Garden.

We were at Ebrington Square. Which way should we go? So much to see. We were going to St. Columb's Park with the grandchildren.
Maybe we'll just go and look at the Guildhall first.

We walked over the Peace Bridge to get to it.

        The Guildhall has just been re-opened after major restoration in 2012 and it's looking good.

The kids love the water fountains!
Back over the Peace Bridge and we were heading for the 'Artists' Garden', a project
at a former military building.

The Cunningham building.

 This is a temporary art instillation at Ebrington and the facade of the building has been covered with germinated grass seed on a clay base.

I liked this and would have been tempted to cut in to it... a door knob, curtains etc. It was a bit flat.
I think it will get more interesting as it dies and the colour changes.
Anyway, the boys were getting restless to get on over to the park and play on horizontal grass.

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crazydazy said...

Id love to walk through those water fountains myself.....think that grass building needs a few flowers...but pretty unusual none the less