Saturday, 14 September 2013

Autumn Fair.

I LOVE THIS!  The Autumn Fair in Botanic Gardens.
Today there was a bonus because we got to walk through the lower level of the Tropical Ravine.
Instead of looking down on the plants I was looking up through the canopy.

I was able to walk along the winding paths, it was like I was in the jungle.

It was mostly greenery but this was blooming...

....and there was this plant with nicely patterned leaves.

It's always been a kind of secret place.


 This lady made me up a wild boar burger, I could have had a crocodile burger. How exotic.

In the show tent there were exhibits of enormous vegetables & fruit, prize blooms, bonsai, alpines, honey, cakes, biscuits, scones, confectionary, wines & liqueurs, handicrafts - so much to look at.

Huge onions!

Pumpkins so big they were splitting.

Creamy cauliflowers.

Perfect Dahlias.


This was an exhibit in the Flower Arranging section.
I thought it looked like the background was made of woven leaves.
Of all the things I saw today, this impressed me the most. I could see the amount of work and thought that had gone in to making it. It was lovely, like something I could transfer to stitch.

This is the whole piece.


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crazydazy said...

I remember the tropical ravine as a child.........I must pay a return visit some day im over at the museum, ali