Friday, 28 June 2013

On and on with the owl.

I've been stitching a fancy yarn to the back of the owl -  more or less following the grooves in the fabric. I found some fancy yarn that's just a bit lighter than the one I used for the front.

I've embellished some of my dark brown wool over the threads (with what's left of my broken needles), trying to get it to look much the same as the front, colour wise.

The back of the owl has been machine stitched to the front now and it's waiting for stuffing.
He looks a bit forlorn!

I'm putting him away for a while now.
When I come back to him he'll need eyes and ears, beak, claws and wings, but I'm pleased that I've got this far.

I came in the other day and found my blue tit standing on his head!

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