Thursday, 18 July 2013

No escape.

Seems like there's no escape from the red white and blue. 
I've been away for a couple of weeks to look after my mum and I also visited my bro- in law's mum. 
This is Ashbourne in Derbyshire. The bunting was out for a festival in the town.

It was like taking a step back into the 70's and I loved it! Her house is immaculate. Remember the tea trolley and the patterned carpets?

I loved this vase of flowers against the textured wallpaper...

... and this little hunting scene.

On another day out I went to Biddulph Grange Garden in Staffordshire, created nearly 150 years ago.
I'd like to go back for another look sometime, it was so interesting.

The garden was amazing - but even more amazing was the day Andy Murray won Wimbledon.
 I've been watching and waiting for that for a while now!


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