Monday, 3 June 2013

Fabric Horned Owl.

I was getting itchy fingers after a bit of a stitching break while our craft group exhibition was on and I've been wondering what to make next.
I've had this pattern for a horned owl, designed and made by my friend Sharon, for a while now so I decided it was about time I had a go at making one.

The body is cut from one of those upholstery fabric samples.

 I picked out some tweeds for his tummy and wings.

Then thought I would look at a picture of a Horned Owl as wasn't sure how a real one looked.

Something was telling me to get the Embellisher out.

I like my Embellisher but it's a bit of a pain because the needles break so easily and they're fiddly to replace, not to mention the cost of them!  I am on my only set of needles now.

I chose this hairy piece of polyester for his tummy.

Then I added some wools. The brown wool came straight from a sheep - one of our craft group members brought it in one time, washed and ready for us to do the rest.

            As usual, I think the wrong side works better.

I've had this Variety Bag a long time, it's a mix of mostly dark threads and knitting yarns.

            I'm stitching this yarn on and then I'll use the embellisher.

Then once I've done the tummy I think I'll embellish some wool on to the body. I'm just doing what feels right and hope it works.

On the subject of birds, I saw this at the Garden Centre yesterday.

A nest of baby thrushes in amongst the plants.

How lovely!

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Ali Hogg said...

Hi, love your work on the embellisher....I would love to own one....I just have a wee hand one!
imagine a bird nesting in such a public place, Alison