Tuesday, 18 June 2013

60 Glorious Years.

Yes folks, a couple of weeks ago I was 60.

A standing joke in our family is that my husband generally gives me the present that he really wants!
It wasn't the tin of shortbread.
I'm joking. This time I really wanted a new camera. 
One that could do more than my little Canon 'point-and-shoot'.

I was given a Fujiflm X20, a full-featured compact camera.

Of course, I don't think I'll ever understand it all because, now I'm  60, my memory is so bad!
I can't remember what I'm shown 10 seconds ago. 

At the moment we're out practising with my (our) camera. I see the photos and he takes them!
So out last night I saw this tree and the children silhouetted in the shadow underneath.

We tried out some of the different features of the camera. Don't ask me what!
Then all the family, with their two dogs, were under the tree.
 Some friends came along and we started chatting - the photographic moment was lost and the family were gone.

 I love the style of her photos (she can write nice words too).
I think it's the blurry backgrounds that I like.

So it was this effect below that I liked the best. 
My husband would find all sorts of technical things wrong with it.  "Not Sharp - Not This - Not That."
                 But I like it....and I'm going to try and learn to use my camera, even if age is against me!

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crazydazy said...

Belated Happy birthday, I like the last photo too very atmospheric. Looking forward to seeing the photos you take with your new camera on your blog, ali