Monday, 25 February 2013

Tea - Dyeing.

Out and about on Saturday and I bought 'The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady.'  It was 25p in a charity shop in Saintfield. A bargain, I thought! Full of nature notes and lovely paintings of birds, butterflies, bees and flowers. Just right for my fabric book project.

I cut some material for the pages.

I cut the pages from calico, linen and old cotton curtain lining.
painted calico and Bondaweb ready for the book cover

The pages in Edith Holden's book had an aged look so I did some tea-dyeing to 'age' my fabric pages.
I left the pages of fabric in the tea for 2 hours

then left them drip- drying over the bath

I bought a box of words a long time ago at one of our craft group sales.
There are loads of them. I'll never get them back into the box they came in!

I just picked out a few of them and gave them the tea-dyeing treatment too, but only for a minute.

I might use them in the book.

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