Friday, 22 February 2013

'If I were a butterfly'.

I'm thinking about my fabric book today while I'm mucking about at housework and ideas keep coming into my head.  I think I have a title now that will fit in with our exhibition theme 'Flights of Fancy'.

For my front cover I've decided to use a piece of calico that I had left over from a previous dyeing session .

              I painted over the pink calico with Koh I Noor - a dye based water colour palette.
              It looks colourful enough here but dries out much paler.

Still wet but I want to see if the colours show through the Oasis plastic bag.

My piece of calico dried out and I took it in to craft group for the experts to have a look! 
We decided the bag would look better without my colouring in (it looks gaudy). Disappointed!
I liked colouring in that bag.

I've been to the library, I like the illustrations in the children's books and thought they might help me.
Frances Pickering does quite a bit of drawing in her fabric books but I'm not too hot at drawing.

I thought I would add a bit more colour to the calico, to show through the bag, so I came home and painted it again.

I placed a piece of Bondaweb on top of the calico hoping it will soak up some of the dye.
I'm going to make a sandwich of the calico, Bondaweb and the Oasis bag and I might just colour in a few of the butterflies and flowers in paler shades this time.

                                         I love Bondaweb. Especially when it's painted!

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hi, cant wait to see how this progresses, alison