Monday, 18 February 2013

Over the fields.

Dog-sitting for son 1 since last Friday. Visit from son 2  plus grandchildren on Saturday.  Helping with DIY on Sunday for son 3. All that means I'm no further on with my fabric book. I did write down a list of ideas as they came in to my head. The weather's been good for 4 days now so I took the dog over the fields.


rusty farm machinery

the moon's out

I liked these two photos -   the top one blurred in the foreground
I like the one below the best with the background blurred

blot on the landscape

I wonder what lives down this hole?

gorse is out

celandines just beginning to bloom

'Ballantine' housing development - looking towards the Belfast hills

Before they started building houses on this land it was covered in wild flowers and there were lots of well tramped trails. I saw wild orchids here. I'm going to put some of my pressed flowers into my fabric book.

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