Saturday, 9 February 2013

A book about making books.

I've just bought this lovely book by Frances Pickering. Its all about her work making fabric and paper books.
Frances was featured in the Feb/ March issue of Stitch magazine and it was just the inspiration I needed.  I've been thinking about making a book for our craft group exhibition in May.
I ordered her book from Amazon last Wednesday and it arrived the following morning.
How about that for service?

Frances had signed the inside cover of her book - I thought that was a nice touch.

This book is filled with all the things I love -- nature, wild flowers, birds, poetry and text.

It's more of a visual book, every page is a feast for the eyes.
However, if you are a beginner and want a clear step by step on how to make a book then I wouldn't recommend it.
It's great for tips, ideas, materials to use and it's full of inspiration but it doesn't have clear instructions.
I haven't seen Frances's first book 'Page After Page,'  maybe it would be better for a beginner.

I also ordered some Acrylic Inks from Amazon. The colours are gorgeous.
 I'm going to use these to colour in the birds on my Ikea fabric.

The fabric markers I was using to colour in the birds, they're not that good.
 I'm hoping the inks will work better.

The vibrant colours here are really what I want.

I'd like to use some painted birds in my book.

I just don't know how yet!

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