Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year.

I was in England to see in the New Year. 
Now it's almost time for the decorations to come down.
 These hanging stars were in the John Lewis store at Cheadle Royal near Manchester.

 This tree was covered in bright white lights and I snapped it going past in the car.

This is Bramhall Hall. Inside it was decked out for Christmas and open to the public to visit.   
I was sorry I missed seeing that.
I liked these two boys scooting around the tree.

Down in the village of Bramhall there was a wonky tree propped up with sandbags. 
It looked a bit sad.

My sisters tree always looks good as she has beautiful decorations and quite a few of Swarovski crystal.

There was this lovely little glass tree, she'd bought in America, sitting on the mantlepiece.

I think it's always sad when the decorations have to come down.

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