Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lisburn Square.

Today as I was passing through an empty Lisburn Square it reminded me of my last post, and the photo, where I was sitting in the John Lewis store near Manchester and thinking to myself how nice it was. Well it got me thinking whatever happened to John Lewis coming here to NI? It seems to me that most of the shops in Lisburn Square have managed to vacate themselves without any competition from the likes of John Lewis.

It should be a nice busy shopping area. Can you see anyone?

I used to go into this gallery, but not anymore. Closed. Mind you, I never bought anything in there.

I think that this hire shop might be open and accessed from the 'Clockwork Orange' shop next door, but you couldn't tell from the shop front.

Coopers used to be a busy cafe.

  The Kitchen is open. Hooray.
Coopers. Closed.

Paparazzi. Closed. I liked the clothes in this shop but it was overpriced.

Next door to Paparazzi. Closed. 
There used to be a clothes shop here too, Mother Earth clothing. It didn't last long.

                                 This used to be Pretty Woman. Closed. For Years.
                                     Lisburn women don't buy lingerie, it seems.

                                                   Golf Outlet. Closed. Who plays golf?

Turner &Todd. Closed. An itsy bitsy shop. Tat, my husband would say.

French Connection. Closed. Ferme. Shut.

The Jean Scene. Jeans no longer the scene? Closed. 

Editor. Closed. Nothing to write home about.

Dragon.  Closed.  That didn't last long.  What was it?   Oh yes, more overpriced clothes.

It's not all doom & and gloom. 
There are a few shops still open -  and if you are in Lisburn Square try The Square Bistro Cafe
Highly Recommended.

       Hmmm ..... when is John Lewis coming to Lisburn?

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