Friday, 27 April 2012

Harmony Hill Craft Group Outing, 2012.


A mix of photos from our outing.

dining room

in the tearoom

We decided to visit Springhill for our outing this year.
On arrival we were more than ready for 'elevenses'. Tea, coffee scones, butter, jam and cream. Not much left by the time we'd finished!
Then it was on to a tour of the house and here we are in the dining room.



The spring gardens were looking lovely despite the cold and blowy weather and the tulips were perfect.


tatting bobbins

the head of a walking stick

the sitting room


There was a collection of walking sticks in the hall stand. I liked this bird's head.
View from the staircase at the back of the house




We had a lovely time looking at Springhill House and our tour wasn't over yet. 
There was still the Costume Collection to see.

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