Friday, 20 April 2012

Annual Exhibition 2012.

Last year I was having a bit of a rant, you can read it here.
The advertising for our 2011 exhibition was a paltry few lines in the IAC's Seasons Programme.
We were annoyed because we felt other exhibitors were getting better coverage than us.
We are a local group who, every year, put on a good and varied exhibition of craft that consistently brings at least 300 people through the doors of the IAC. 
Our group decided to do something about it!
Yvonne, in particular,worked hard at this, writing a letter and chatting to the Centre staff and consequently we were asked to bring in some of our work and have it photographed.

This year advertising seems to have changed and I picked up this leaflet for May/June when I went to my group yesterday.

This is a great improvement and nice for some of our ladies to have their work pictured.

Thanks to Yvonne and the IAC.

At the moment I'm working on this for the exhibition. It's a sign for the front of the 'cat on the bicycle.'

I've machine embroidered on pelmet vilene, added a cord to give it a raised edge, and backed it with felt.
Then I added some paint and metallic 'rub ons' and used my heat tool to pierce the holes. I wrapped a wire to hang it on the bike.  In other words, Mixed Media!
It's turned out o.k. but, as usual, not exactly how you would like it. I hope it is clear to people what it says.

 Not long to go now before this cat picks up it's passengers and they set off for their 'Dream Destination'.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has made too!

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