Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Monday, nest-building and eggs.

I'm knitting a rag nest from my Little Birds book. I'm following the pattern but somehow I've ended up with more stitches than it says. It looks o.k. though.

The tiny birds look happy enough with their nest, maybe because it's full of eggs!

This nest is made from a re-cycled egg box.

I've turned it into paper pulp and added some coconut fibre to it and some dried leaves, seed pods, sycamore and PVA glue. I pressed it over a bowl so I guess it's more of a bowl than a nest.

I've also made an egg from the paper pulp and added some strips of tissue paper to it, hoping it would make it smoother. I even rubbed it over with sandpaper but it's still bumpy.

I painted it with a bronze Lumiere paint. The writing is already printed on the tissue paper I glued on.
Then I added the spots of blue Lumiere using a cotton bud.

Do you think Mother bird will like her surprise egg?!

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