Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The craic was 90!

My mum had her 90th birthday on the 19th August. The following day she had her operation for a knee replacement. Trying to get my mum anywhere on time is very stressful but amazingly we did arrive on time and it was some craic with all the form filling that had to be done.
"Do you wear dentures, Cecilia?"  "No, my daughter threw them out."  Not true!

My mum had two cakes, one from her care home and one from the family.

I'm putting in the spider web stitch now.

I keep finding new things in the garden. I saw a toad and the tiniest wee frog. I don't know what this plant is with the mauve flower.

Chilli peppers.


Alpine strawberries.

Green pepper.






I'm going to miss this garden when I go home.
Nearly there with the bookmark. 
turned the calico in all the way round and tacked it down.

 Just have to put the cotton backing on now and make the tassel.
 My bro-in-law has bookmarked my handiwork for his Christmas present!

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