Wednesday, 5 August 2015

I don't make sewing kits nowadays but...

 I'll soon be going to over to England for two whole weeks while my mum has her knee operation
 so I thought I'd take a little sewing project with me to while away the time. 
 I bought this kit when I was on a visit to the Waterways Museum, here at Ellesmere Port. It's a bookmark and the 'Spider Web' stitch was traditionally used for making the canal boatman's belt.

I chose to buy the bookmark kit because the kit for the belt looked a bit ambitious to me.

I don't think my husband is going to need a Boatman's belt anytime soon. If he had his dream he'd own a canal boat, if we lived over there, and I would love to take a course with the Waterways Guild and learn some of the traditional crafts to decorate our boat!
I'll just have to make do with stitching this bookmark instead. It's not as creative a project as I would usually undertake but sometimes it's good to have something small to just pick up and do.
In the kit there is a sample square to make before I move on to the serious stuff.

Time to thread the needle.

                                  I've marked the 1" square to help me make my chain stitches even.

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